About Us

Geechee Kunda is one of the most impactful and meaningful cultural education facilities to be found anywhere, a true lifetime experience.  Geechee Kunda is our way of dispelling the non-sense that ours is a dying, faltering culture, and to help insure that instead of being written out of history, be included in a true light.  Included here are exhibit galleries, a gift shop, a family research center, and most importantly, an ongoing research and documentation effort.

Geechee Kunda was created as our means of contributing to efforts to preserve and perpetuate  the knowledge  of important  elements of African Culture that exists in the United States. We are also interested in assisting in nurturing and perpetuating threatened cultural traditions elsewhere in the Americas and Africa itself.

Mind you, ours is not an interest in culture for culture’s sake. We use culture as a vehicle for Mental Empowerment, Intellectual Liberation, and Spiritual Healing.  Our programs and activities are offered in that spirit.  Some, because they present mental or physical challenges, are aimed at imbuing participants with greater self-esteem and confidence.  Some seek to equip participants with traditional skills that can be used to establish cottage industries, thereby gaining a measure of self-sufficiency.  Others are intended to enhance ones’ understanding and appreciation of the global experience of African people, a necessary step in forming meaningful alliances.

Still others are intended to assist participants in realizing full potential, in hope that they will be inspired to return to their home communities and contribute to their cultural and social developement.

Because of the scope of our vision, our offerings are varied.  In addition to permanent and rotating exhibits, our year-round program of activities includes classes, workshops, demonstrations, and lectures covering a broad spectrum of traditional and innovative subjects allowing all to explore various aspects of continental and diaspora African culture that they are interested in. Our presenters include scholars, and most importantly the real experts, the people who are the keepers of the culture of the culture.

Because of our beautiful location, Geechee Kunda has quickly become a favorite venue for assorted activities, including reunions, weddings, meetings, think tanks, rites of passage, etc.  Others come to shop and browse our gallery and gift shop which stock a wide range of merchandise (books, textile, artifacts, crafts etc). Our ongoing performance arts series is world class, a must see. We house artifacts from Africa and this area, some dating back to the 1700s. Including authentic Slavery artifacts, Geechee relics, and Jim Crow memorabilia. We want to keep knowledge of the old ways alive. We do this because there is a need for the true history of African and Indigenous people, without which renders current world history inaccurate. We do this because it is our history, and we are responsible for keeping and sharing it.

Jim  & Pat Bacote

Geechee Kunda